ISIS used eBay to funnel cash to operative in US

12 Agosto, 2017, 07:13 | Autore: Menodora Allio

The suspect pledged allegiance to ISIS and used eBay to pretend to sell computer printers but instead received funds from overseas through PayPal, the Journal said.

The man who allegedly received the money was American citizen Mohamed Elshinawy, arrested previous year in Maryland. The man was part of a global network that operated from the United Kingdom to Bangladesh and was run by Siful Haque Sujan - a senior ISIS leader who was killed in late 2015 by an air strike on Raqqa in northern Syria, according to an Federal Bureau of Investigation affidavit. Federal agents believed that much of the $8,700 Elshinawy received from ISIS through multiple means was used to purchase a laptop, calling cards, a private VPN networks, and a hotspot-all of which were apparently used to communicate with ISIS.

He pleaded guilty to supporting the jihadist group and is awaiting trial.

Some of the key players in the alleged network, which also bought military-grade surveillance equipment that could be used for aerial targeting, were arrested or killed in a coordinated global sweep in December 2015.

Similarly, PayPal told the newspaper that their portal "invests significant resources" into reporting suspicious activity.

Elshinawy, a U.S. citizen, received a total of US$ 8,700 through the ISIS funding network, and has told investigators that he knew the money was supposed to be used for "operational purposes", including funding a terrorist attack on USA soil.

The U.S. and other countries for years since 9/11 have focused on the formal worldwide banking systems that terror networks might use to transfer money to would-be terrorists.

PayPal and eBay both told the Journal they were working with law enforcement on the case.