Xbox One controller deals cheap xbox wireless gamepad prices

26 Novembre, 2017, 01:07 | Autore: Abelardo Magnotti
  • New Xbox One X Black Friday deals are now live

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Those interested in deals on Nintendo hardware, unfortunately, are unlikely to find many.

So far this year, we've seen an impressive amount of incredible value bundles on Xbox One S consoles. These start from £199.99. It's a Black Friday deal, so act fast if you've been saving up for Sony's new hardware. This latest batch includes the likes of Wolfenstein 2, Forza Motorsport 7 and Resident Evil 7, alongside Overwatch GOTY Edition for under £28. Given that Gold subscribers are given bigger discounts, the store is also offering cheaper subscription rate for Xbox Gold Live.

With the original Xbox One now having been discontinued and replaced by the Xbox One S, those who haven't yet invested in an Xbox One will only have two consoles to choose from when making the jump to Microsoft's platform. Xbox Store's Black Friday deals offer 90 video game discs.

The Xbox One X is easily the most powerful console on the market right now, rising above the PS4 Pro in terms of sheer power and performance enhancements. If you're just looking for an Xbox controller you can design your own at Xbox Design Labs for $79.99 - a $20 savings. Regularly retailing for £130, the Elite Controller has seen discounts take it down to as low as £99.99 over the past year but it's likely that Microsoft will use Black Friday to drop the price a little bit further - perhaps as low as £75 - in order to get it into the hands of brand new Xbox One X owners.

If that wasn't enough for Black Friday deals, Sony has also slashed the price of PSVR down to £250.

If you're not keen on those deals, Sony is also releasing a whole set of deals with select retailers to give you some delicious discounts on games and accessories. Microsoft's luxury option for gaming controllers has proven itself to be a favourite among Xbox One gamers as well as PC users, as the pad works on both of these formats.

On the Xbox One X enhanced games page over 70 games are listed, including those that are now available and those that are either in development or "coming soon". We've listed each hardware deal under the respective retailer when appropriate.